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Angular Learning Platform - Is Angular underrated?

published14 days ago
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​Build and deploy an Education Platform using Angular and Stream​

This week I've created an extensive example of how you can use Stream in your Angular applications to integrate a powerful chat widget!

You can get started with Stream Chat for free and build cross-platform messaging experiences with Stream's Angular Chat SDK or use it with your preferred framework!

Of course there's also a big video version of this tutorial in which you can follow along the integration.

🧠 Brainfood


Is Angular underrated? πŸ€”

We have to admit that 80% of the market is using React at this point, but neglecting the importance of Angular (especially in enterprise) is just wrong to me.

​My tweet about this got some interesting reactions, also from people known to have disrespectful opinions about anything but their own view..

On top of that Angular had some great changes lately (standalone components, strongly typed forms,...) and based on tweets like this I expect even greater changes in the near future.

Figma...Why? πŸ’Ž

You probably heard that Adobe acquired Figma, which let to countless good memes. Is it that bad? Could Adobe act more like Microsoft in recent acquisitions?

Who knows, time will tell! But if you are looking for alternatives, I've been a user of Canva for years and also Penpot looks promising!

πŸ€“ Interesting


πŸ‘‰ Sign up for the Ionic Q3 Show!

If you want to know what Ionic is working on and where things are heading, there's no better way to stay up to date then with their upcoming Q3 updates show!

πŸ‘‰ Appwrite hits 1.0

You know that I'm a big fan of Backend as a Service (BaaS) solutions and Appwrite just released its 1.0 version, which is a big milestone. Looking forward to exploring Appwrite more soon!

πŸ‘‰ How do QR codes work?

You probably never asked yourself this question, but reading about how QR codes work is still mind blowing to me!

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