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Ionic Data Storage & Missing UI components 👀

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hey Reader,

this is the new Devdactic Newsletter that makes you feel like running ng update on your brain (but without the dependencies pain).

You loved the last episode, so here's the new normal with fresh news, brainfood and interesting reads 🔥

🎉 New

Storing Data in React apps with Ionic Storage

Storing data in your Ionic app is an essential part, and using Ionic Storage is one of the best and easiest ways to store data with the same API across different devices - this time checking it out for React!

🧠 Brainfood

Heroku eliminates free plans :(

I've been a big fan of Heroku and hosted almost all my APIs with Heroku as you can start on free dynos (Herokus word for a Linux container) - but apparently this comes to an end.

I'm already trying out new services like Render and Railway and will create a short on some alternatives. Rest assured that there are new, even better ways today and we don't have to cry about no more free dynos!

What's a missing Ionic UI component?

Ionic comes with tons of great UI components (and you can find more blocks within my Ionic Blocks project!) but what would you add to the core set of components?

I made a vote for a calendar component, but not sure if we will ever see that happen!

🤓 Interesting

Register for ViteConf

Vite (pronounced veet) is a build tool for faster and better development of modern projects and somewhat brings together the whole Javascript community.

There's a free ViteConf happening in October for with countless awesome speakers from the industry. You certainly don't wanna miss this event!

PS: Just like Supabase they allow to create your customised ticket. Love it 😍

Do we need another Javascript runtime?

I guess the creators of Bun asked themselves this question and came up with definitely yes, 100%. Bun might be the future (just like we thought Deno could be..) and although it's early days, this project does look very interesting.

There are certain downsides to the whole Node ecosystem and although you might roll your eyes about "yet-another-framework", this development brings change, and I'm certain we need something better and faster in the future. Check out Bun for something you might want to keep an eye on!

Heroicons v2.0

Although I'm a big fan of Ionicons, I also really like the Heroicons which are used with Tailwind and they just launched a major new version!

The makers of Tailwind CSS know a thing or two about styling, so those icons look awesome in almost every project - go look through all 265 herocions!

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