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Ionic In-App Subscriptions and NEW Blog 🎉

published28 days ago
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Hey Reader,

this is the Devdactic newsletter, your one weekly email that feels like opening a new Chrome window without 192 open tabs.

This week I updated my main blog Devdactic to a static site built with SvelteKit - you should see a significant improvement in performance and a more modern UI 🎉

🎉 New

How to Add In-App Purchases & Subscriptions to your Ionic App with Glassfy

Implementing in app subscriptions is challenging - that’s why great services like Glassfy exist! This week I’ll show you how to use Glassfy with Capacitor to easily integrate and manage your in app subscriptions on iOS and Android!

🧠 Brainfood

Angular Standalone components with Ionic?

Angular 14 comes with experimental support for standalone components, a pattern in which you don’t need an additional module (which can be really handy). And it looks like we will soon be able to use it with an upcoming version of Ionic as well!

A better way to use the internet?

The Browser Company is doing nothing less than rethinking how we should use browsers for more productivity in 2022 and beyond.

Last week I finally got my Arc invitation and I'm blown away so far. Although I had some challenges to train my brain NOT to open Chrome anymore, I start to get the benefit of split views, workspaces, focus mode and so much more with this epic browser.

If you like change, sign up for Arc and you'll hopefully get an invitation in the near future!

🤓 Interesting

Astro Livestream coming this week!

I've said before how much I enjoyed the first steps with Astro and then general project approach - so much that I'm making Astro the topic of this weeks livestream!

If you want to hang out and ask questions make sure to get notified, if you can't make it the recording will be available afterwards.

A better spotlight search (and more)

If you’re on a Mac you probably use spotlight quite often. Previously I read a lot about Alfred as an improvement, but since last week I’m using a free app called Raycast instead.

I love it so far, and you can even easily add community scripts to add your own workflows - plus that page just looks amazing!

Dark Mode for iOS, Android & Web

Adding dark mode to your app is not that hard, but managing it across all platforms plus keeping track of user or system preferences can be challenging.

I discovered this Capacitor plugin recently and think it’s awesome - guess I’ll have to record a video about it soon!

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Happy Coding,