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Ionic Routing & Supabase powered COURSE

published21 days ago
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Hey Reader,

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Did you know that I release monthly fresh content in the Ionic Academy?

This month it was a premium course on building Ionic apps with Supabase - included with your Ionic Academy subscription 🔥

🎉 New

Building an Ionic React Side Menu Navigation

You know I've been getting more and more into React lately, and this week I'm sharing how to build the very common side menu or "drawer" pattern with Ionic React.

Spoiler: It's actually really easy, maybe even more so than Angular!

🧠 Brainfood

No more default export ✋

There's a difference between named exports and default exports in JS modules - and Lloyd Atkinson makes a great case for why we definitely shouldn't use default exports anymore.

I definitely agree with his opinion, and it's one of those things I never really thought about before but will keep an eye on from now on!

Angular components in Astro? 👀

Brandon Roberts is an amazing inspiration for the Angular community and took the first steps to making Angular components available in Astro (because Astro rocks).

I've already used Astro in last weeks stream and talked about it on our podcast, but having even access to Angular components in Astro would be the icing on the cake!

🤓 Interesting

👉 Livestream coming this week!

I asked the community and you wanted to see a headless CMS with Angular so here we go: This week we are talking about in the livestream 🛑

This is going to be fun since I never used it, so expect a bunch of fails in the livestream.

👉 Identify technologies on websites

I'm probably late to the party but Wappalyzer is a pretty nifty tool to see all the technologies used on any website - I like it!

👉 The JSON Hero we deserve

Although I didn't know I needed this, JSON Hero is a great tool for everyone who works with a lot of JSON data and wants to see it in a more human, non matrix kinda way.

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