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This newsletter sucks - Let's change it 💪

publishedabout 1 month ago
2 min read

Hey Reader,

lets's be honest: This newsletter sucks 🤷‍♂️

But starting today, we make a U turn so it becomes THE weekly email you are actually looking forward to.

It's like Devdactic Newsletter 2.0, and I'm shamelessly copying James Clears format which my podcast co-host Simon lately adapted as well:

  • 1 thing I created
  • 2 interesting thoughts
  • 3 links you should check out


There are 20k+ developers on my newsletter, and being in the position I'm in, I feel an obligation to deliver more value to your inbox than just my latest content!

So let me try to deliver on that promise and send me your feedback if you enjoy this format ✌️

🎉 New

Building a Realtime Trello Board with Supabase and Angular

This is the longest video I ever created and goes into great detail about Supabase and how you can build a complex real world app. Learn about RLS, Tailwind with Angular, Magic link sign in and building a real-time Trello application!

🧠 Brainfood

What’s coming to Ionic this fall?

CEO Max Lynch recently teased the hard work at Ionic, and although my question for a release of Ionic 7.0 wasn’t answered it looks like there’s something new coming next to all the ongoing updates - at least that’s what the Ionic Show - Q3 Update hints!

There is no best tech stack!

I’m always amazed to see how many frameworks and tools we have right at our fingertips. Usually I don’t even know 50% of the new stuff, and yet people combine these tools to build their own tech stack in so many different ways!

It shows that you usually can’t go completely wrong with whatever you pick, and that there is always more to discover in the future.

🤓 Interesting

What makes Svelte unique?

Rich Harris, author of Svelte (the hottest stuff in the JS world since React) was on the Syntax podcast and talked about Svelte and why it's different. If you want to hear the best information about Svelte and why it's cool, this is a must listen!

Astro 1.0 - Another JS framework?

I've been playing around with Astro lately to understand why it's getting a lot of positive press - and it stands up to the expectations!

With Astro you can build static websites (like with Hugo, Gatsby...) but Astro ships 0kb JS by default to the browser, making it blazing fast. On top of that you can use components from Svelte, React or Vue, making it a worthy contender for the next "meta framework"!

What comes after z-index: 10000?

Meet the top layer is a great article about the built-in component dialog that I personally never used or heard about before!

Could this be the final solution to not using the highest possible z-index to make something appear really at the top of your app?

Alright that's all for today - hope you enjoyed the new format?

If you did so, hit the reply and let me know that I should continue like this every week from now on ✌️

Happy Coding,